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A hero’s journey isn’t without its trials, and the Avengers are no different. But even among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, some characters stand out as having suffered more than others. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been particularly unkind to the God of Thunder, Thor.

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Introduced in 2011, Thor starts out as a rather arrogant character, but one with a sunny disposition and always a big smile. Even when confronted with great disaster, he proves himself capable to push forward and support his loved ones. But the strongest souls have their limits too, and in the end, too many horrible things happen to Thor in the MCU.

10 He Is Banished By His Father To Earth Without His Powers

Perhaps appropriately, Thor’s tale starts with his fall from grace. Believing his brother to be unprepared to take the throne, Loki stages a Frost Giant attack in the Asgardian Weapons Vault. Easily goaded into violence, Thor travels to Jotunheim accompanied by his friends and Loki. Following a skirmish with the Frost Giants, the furious Odin comes to retrieve him, chastising him for his warmongering.

Their confrontation leads to Odin banishing Thor to earth, deprived of his powers, with his hammer Mjolnir within his reach but not answering his call. It’s a harsh lesson in humility, but this is one case where Thor probably had it coming.

9 His Brother Tries To Kill Him Then Attempts Suicide

Thor may not have an easy time, but Loki’s situation is perhaps worse. While on Jotunheim, he discovers he may be a Frost Giant himself, a guess Odin later confirms. As Odin succumbs to the Odinsleep, Loki becomes the king of Asgard and hopes to prove himself worthy of his place by eliminating the Jotun. Things rapidly spiral out of his control, and he ends up sending the Destroyer after his brother.

Thor sacrifices himself while confronting the automaton, regaining his power. But the true tragedy comes after Thor’s return to Asgard. Loki and Thor fight on the Rainbow Bridge, now directed at Jotunheim as a weapon of destruction. Thor destroys the bridge, and both brothers nearly fall into the abyss below. Odin catches them, but his words to Loki make him lose hope and he lets go, seemingly committing suicide under Thor’s horrified gaze.

8 His Mother Is Killed In The Dark Elf Invasion

Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Rene Russo as Frigga in Thor: The Dark World

Loki returns in The Avengers, having survived his fall and been recruited by Thanos. Upon Loki’s defeat, Thor returns to Asgard. But his true problems are just starting. During the Convergence, Jane Foster is infected with the Aether.

Seeking to help her, Thor brings her to Asgard. The Dark Elves attack the Golden Realm, and while trying to protect Jane, Thor’s mother, Frigga, is killed. Thor pursues the culprit, Kurse, accompanied by Loki, only for Loki to sacrifice himself to kill the creature.

7 His Father Dies And Leaves Them Helpless Against Hela

Thor And Loki Sit With Their Father Odin As He Dies In Thor Ragnarok

Against all odds, Loki survives his encounter with Kurse and takes the throne from Odin. He leaves the weakened All-Father on Earth. By the time Thor and Loki track Odin down, he is dying. Thor doesn’t even get the chance to grieve for his father before the worst threat of all appears.

The All-Father’s demise frees his firstborn, Hela, from her captivity. It soon becomes obvious that Hela is much more powerful than Thor and Loki, and their first meeting with their sister forces them to flee, landing them on Sakaar.

6 He Loses His Hammer, His Eye, And Even His Hair

Thor: Ragnarok may be a light-hearted entry in the trilogy of Thor-centric movies, but it’s actually a tale of loss. Meeting Hela costs Thor his hammer, as she catches Mjolnir with ease and destroys it. Thor is then taken captive on Sakaar and given a new haircut, much to his dismay. He makes his way back to Asgard, only to face the challenge his sister poses.

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Even at his best, he is truly no match for her, and he loses his eye before finally resorting to a drastic method to solve the problem. By then, numerous Asgardians are already dead, including Thor’s friends, the Warriors Three.

5 He Has To Sacrifice Asgard Itself To Defeat Hela

When faced with Hela’s unstoppable threat, the Asgardians can do very little to oppose her. Being Odin’s firstborn, she draws her power from Asgard and has an army of undead at her disposal.

Realizing he has no other option, Thor determines he has to sacrifice Asgard itself to stop her. He instructs Loki to resurrect the fire demon Surtur using the Eternal Flame. Tragically, everything goes as planned. Surtur defeats Hela, but it is through obliterating Asgard itself.

4 He Watches Thanos Kill Countless Asgardians, Including Loki

Infinity War Loki's death

In the wake of their realm’s destruction, the remaining Asgardians hope to find a new home, perhaps on Earth. They are intercepted by Thanos before they can find refuge. The Mad Titan kills numerous Asgardians, seeking the Tesseract that is in Loki’s possession.

Faced with his brother’s torture, Loki surrenders the Space Stone to Thanos. He makes one final attempt to take out the Titan, but unfortunately, it costs him his life. The immobilized Thor can do nothing as he watches Thanos squeeze the life out of his brother.

3 He Fails To Stop Thanos’s Snap In His Quest For Revenge

Thor survives the destruction of the Statesman and is found by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Grief-stricken at the death of the last member of his family, he determinedly seeks to create a new weapon, one that would be capable of even defeating the Titan. His drive is so intense that he withstands the heat of the Nidavellir Forges, fueled by the power of a blazing neutron star.

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The ax he receives, Stormbreaker, is indeed more powerful than Mjolnir. Sadly, when confronting Thanos, Thor’s aim is off. Seeking revenge, he hits Thanos’s chest instead of going for a lethal blow. This gives the Mad Titan the time to use the Gauntlet and wipe out half of the life in the entire universe.

2 He Has To Confront Everything He Has Lost During The Time Heist

Thor confides in his mother

In the aftermath of his failure, Thor sinks into a terrible depression. He is unable to overcome his losses and succumbs to his grief. He becomes a recluse, taking refuge in alcohol abuse and Internet games. By the time the Avengers track him down years later, he is a shadow of his former self. Even so, he joins them on the Time Heist, tasked with retrieving the Aether from Asgard. Of course, this means he has to travel to his lost homeworld, to the day his mother died.

Rocket Racoon, who accompanies him, plans to have Thor distract Jane, but Thor can’t bring himself to face her, having lost her too in the Snap. In the end, he runs into his mother, who listens to his ordeal, gives him advice, and reassures him. It’s both a painful and sweet reunion, though Thor does get to take Mjolnir with him, at least for a little while.

1 He Will Apparently Become Unworthy Soon

Despite having faltered from his path in his grief, Thor remains worthy of wielding the hammer in Avengers: Endgame. This will apparently change in the fourth installment of the Thor-centric movies. Thor: Love and Thunder will see the return of Jane, although this time, it will be in a different role.

She is no longer romantically involved with Thor, but it seems she will take over his powers and become the Mighty Thor. This will probably be related to Thor’s imminent confrontation with Gorr the God Butcher. Whatever action triggers the loss of Thor’s powers will be a renewed blow for the God of Thunder, who has already lost so much. It really seems that Thor just can’t get a break.

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