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Although Hunter x Hunter begins with Gon Freecss and follows him on his journey, there are dozens of characters in his universe who don’t actually interact with the series’ protagonist. Despite their paths often intersecting those taken by Gon, these characters have no role to play in his life.

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This isn’t because they’re unvalued but because they have their personal arcs to take care of. That said, shonen leads tend to be in a lot of different places over the course of their journey, which places characters who never interact with them in the minority.

8 Bizeff Spends His Entire Time In East Gorteau’s Royal Palace

Bizeff is first revealed as East Gorteau’s Secretary of State, but his managing role in the nation’s bureaucracy proves to be a huge asset for the Chimera Ants. They retain him in the same position, in order to keep tabs on international policy and potential risks from outside the borders.

Bizeff spends his entire time within the royal palace, spending his free time “shopping” for women through Hunter x Hunter‘s internet. Gon is too busy fighting dangerous opponents to even lay eyes on the old man.

7 Silva Zoldyck Doesn’t Interact With Gon Despite His Son’s Close Friendship

As Killua’s father, it’s quite surprising that Silva doesn’t meet his son’s best friend despite allowing the two boys to travel together. While he refuses to let go of his ambition for Killua to take reins of the Zoldyck name, Silva clearly understands how much Gon means to him, not to mention how risky it would be to alienate Killua by forbidding him from hanging with Gon. In contrast, Kikyo, Zeno, Illumi, and Alluka have all rendezvoused with Gon at different points in the storyline.

6 Menthuthuyoupi Sees Gon As A Blur Rushing Past Him

Gon first sees Neferpitou right before Kite’s death, connecting the two of them in his mind permanently. He hounds her constantly, demanding she restore his mentor back to health, even threatening Komugi with harm if his wish isn’t granted.

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Even Shaiapouf interacts with Gon in the royal palace, but Menthuthuyoupi merely sees Gon once as a vague blur rushing past him when his battle with Knuckle commences. Killua battles Youpi later on, though, nearly pushing the Royal Guard to the brink of defeat.

5 Kurt & Reina Transform Into Chimera Ants Known As Colt & Shidore

Kurt and Reina are two small children from a tiny village somewhere in the Neo-Green Life Autonomous Region, where they meet their doom almost as soon as they are introduced.

Having been consumed by the Ant Queen, they are both converted into Chimera Ants as Colt and Shidore. They both eventually recollect enough of their past lives and reunite with the children’s mother. Gon meets neither version of either character even though Colt becomes the resurrected Kite’s caretaker.

4 Cheetu Fights Morel & Knuckle On Even Ground But Is Annihilated By Silva

Cheetu’s tiresome routine gets boring very quickly, despite his desire to make a mark on the world without his Chimera Ant heritage holding him back. His need to prove his “greatness” is grating to everyone who hears him, especially characters who are forced to battle him.

While Gon has nothing to do with Cheetu, the latter shares significant screentime with Morel and Knuckle. He manages to evolve his powers with Shaiapouf’s cocoon ability, hoping to defeat his Hunter nemeses, only to be annihilated by Silva in an instant.

3 Johness Is Killed By Killua In A Grisly Spectacle

During the Hunter Exam’s Third Stage, Gon and his team encounter a group of Trick Tower death tower convicts. As they are forced to defeat the latter group in order to advance, each member takes on a different prisoner in a one-on-one battle.

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Killua faces Johness, a dangerous killer, dispatching him without breaking a sweat while Gon merely observes the scene with a shocked expression. The team is thankfully allowed to proceed to the next round after this grisly victory.

2 Neon Nostrade Disappears From The Story After The Loss Of Her Nen Ability

Neon, heir to the Nostrade family, possesses one of the most exceptional Nen abilities shown in the series. Her Lovely Ghostwriter allows her to predict another’s future to an astonishingly accurate degree, explaining why her father hires Kurapika, Melody, and several others to serve as bodyguards.

Neon’s lack of interaction with Gon is inconsequential if only because her arc is completed after Chrollo Lucilfer pilfers Lovely Ghostwriter from her. She disappears from Hunter x Hunter following the culmination of the Yorknew City Arc.

1 Meruem Is Protected From Gon’s Wrath By The Loyal Neferpitou

Meruem is by far the most powerful character to be revealed in Hunter x Hunter. He’s the Chimera Ant King whose physical prowess is as impressive as his willpower and intelligence. He battles Netero to a draw, barely escaping the old man’s final attack, a mini-nuke, with assistance from Youpi and Pouf.

Considering his antagonist potential, preventing him from fighting, or even talking, with Gon flies against standard shonen rules. And yet, it is Neferpitou who takes the brunt of Gon’s fury when the latter accrues near-limitless power, hoping that her death would save Meruem from the boy. She technically succeeds, since Gon immediately sinks into a coma. However, the Ant King is killed by Netero’s camouflaged poison, marking the end of the arc.

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