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While many fans are enjoying HBO Max’s Titansit is a far diversion from the comic book version that people know and love. Titans set out to make a completely different version of the iconic team, and while the first couple of seasons have been a little rocky, Season 3 has been a home run for fans.

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Viewers are eager to see if the show will ever turn around and become more like the comics, or will it continue to chart its own path down a darker and more dangerous road.

10 It Is Much Darker Than The Comics

Many fans are very familiar with the Titans from their various comics and animated TV showsTitans sets a much scarier tone that’s very dark and gritty. In the first season of the show, Robin viciously attacks criminals and curses at Batman. It only increases from there, with torture scenes and gut-wrenching deaths. Titans makes it very clear that these heroes are no longer teens, they are grown up and dealing with the harsh realities of being heroes in the real world.

9 Aqualad Is No Longer Around

While Garth aka Aqualad isn’t up to much in the comics, he is still alive and well. This is not the case in Titans. Fans were extremely excited when he was cast for Season 2 of the show, but that excitement was short-lived. Garth was dead before the season hardly began. Deathstroke took him out by accident as part of a contract against the Amazons. This sent the team into a downward spiral that eventually broke them up. Garth didn’t have much screen time, but his presence certainly impacted the show.

8 Tim Drake Has A Very Different Beginning

Jay Lycurgo in Titans Season 3 as Tim Drake

In the comics, Tim Drake is the son of a wealthy Gothamite and he actively seeks out Batman to be his new Robin. He does this because he notices Batman’s increase in violence after the death of Jason Todd. While Tim hasn’t made a move toward being Robin in the show yet, his origin has already taken a big turn. No longer a wealthy son of Gotham, Tim works delivering takeout from his family restaurant. When Red Hood lets a new drug loose on the streets, Tim’s restaurant is violently attacked, starting him down a familiar path toward Robin.

7 Bruce Wayne Is A Killer

Batman has a very strict code of conduct, and number one on that list is no killing. While this has been broken occasionally over the years, for the most part, this is a constant part of the Batman mythos. Titans threw that aside in Season 3, and had Bruce finally kill the Joker. After Jason’s death and a berating from Barbara Gordon, Bruce snapped. He went out and killed Joker, putting an end to his evil ways for good. Overwhelmed with what he did, he turned the protection of Gotham over to Dick and disappeared into the night.

6 Jason Todd Is A Drug Addict

Curran Walters as Jason Todd/Red Hood in Titans Season 3, Episode 6, "Lady Vic."

Jason Todd has always had the hardest life out of all the Robins. His father is a criminal and his mother was a drug addict. He grew up on the streets and was fortunate Batman saw potential in him. On Titans, Jason’s near-death experience with Deathstroke and Batman’s harsh upbringing drove him down a dark path.

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He enlists Scarecrow to help him make a drug that conquerors his fears. He becomes addicted to the sensation of living without fear. The use of this drug is what made him find the Joker and take him on alone.

5 Beast Boy Can Only Be A Tiger… So Far

Beast Boy is known for witty one-liners and being able to turn into a plethora of animals. So far, Titans fans have been disappointed that he’s only ever turned into a tiger. There was one point where he briefly became a snake, but for the most part, Beast Boy is more like Tiger Boy. While there have been countless hints that he is gearing up for more animals, fans will just have to continue to wait for these eventual changes.

4 Red Hood Is Hunting The Titans

Curran Walters as Jason Todd/Red Hood in Titans Season 3, Episode 4, "Blackfire."

When the Red Hood returns in the comics, the Titans are nowhere to be seen. It is all about Batman and the Joker, the two people that he hates the most. Titans effectively eliminated both those characters and have turned all his rage on the Titans themselves. While other aspects of Red Hood have been a perfect match to the comics, his motivations and his team up with Scarecrow are drastically different than what fans are used to.

3 Dick Grayson Enjoys A Lot Of Violence

Dick Grayson was always known to be the lighter side of the Dynamic Duo. While Batman brooded, Robin cracked jokes. That is not the case on Titans. Robin is just as dark and intense as Batman himself. He is even more vicious than he is in the comics. He stabs a man, puts a throwing star through a man’s eye, and just beats other senseless. It is a far more graphic and violent Robin than fans are used to. In Season 3, Nightwing seems to be toning it down and acting more like his comic counterpart.

2 Batman Abandons Gotham

Batman would never abandon Gotham. That is something fans can always count on. He has stayed with the city through illness, earthquakes, and every super villain that has shown their face. On Titans, Batman abandons Gotham. After he murders the Joker, he can no longer believe in himself or his cause, so he leaves the city he loves behind. He leaves it in the hands of Nightwing but still abandons his own responsibility.

1 Jim Gordon Is Dead And Barbara Is Commissioner

Jim Gordon is Batman’s strongest ally in his fight against crime. He has been there since the beginning of Batman’s war, and most fans assumed he would be there at the end. Titans killed off this legendary figure, but his daughter took his place. Barbara Gordon is the new commissioner of GCPD and she is not a fan of heroes anymore. Fortunately, with her old friend Dick Grayson back in town, she might come back around to them.

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