Epic What If…? Trailer Reveals Sequels to the First Five Episodes

Disney+ released a new trailer for the remaining episodes of Marvel Studios’ What If…?

The trailer recaps the previous episodes of Season 1 while also teasing what’s still in store, including what looks like some continuations of previous episodes. Perhaps most notable is the return of Captain Carter, whose story kicked off the events of the series.

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Much like the comic book source material, What If…? flips the script on a number of established Marvel Cinematic Universe stories and tropes. The inaugural episode saw Peggy Carter take Steve Rogers’ place in receiving the Super Soldier Serum, thus creating Captain Carter. Other episodes saw T’Challa becoming Star-Lord, all of the founding Avengers dying between the events of Iron Man 2 and Thor and even an MCU spin on the classic Marvel Zombies story.

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While Season 1 of What If…? is only halfway over, Season 2 is already in the works. “That’s the fun thing about having the What If…? series now; we can explore questions just like that,” Marvel Studios President/Marvel Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige recently said. “And I will say, just as season 1 is tapping into films and storylines from the MCU that you’ve seen up to this point, season 2 will definitely incorporate movies from Phase 4.”

New episodes of What If…? premiere Wednesdays on Disney+.

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