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Miles Morales, Iron Man, Wolverine and a host of other heroes are all receiving extreme makeovers in Marvel’s upcoming Dark Ages alternate universe series.

The cover of Dark Ages #2 — penned by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Iban Coello — appropriately features Apocalypse looming large, as the Avengers, X-Men and other associated heroes band together to bring humanity together after the age of technology is brought to an abrupt end.

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The cover to Issue #2 offers a glimpse at the radical changes some heroes will undergo over the course of the series. Miles is wearing a symbiote suit, while an older Peter Parker dons oversized web-shooters alongside an Iron Man in steampunk armor. The Laura Kinney version of Wolverine, sporting tactical gear, is also present, along with what may be a grown-up Valeria Richards and a new Spider-Girl.

Previews for Dark Ages have revealed that Miles will be morphing into a hybrid of Venom and Carnage over the course of the series. Meanwhile, other Marvel mainstays will receive similarly dramatic revisions — notably Vision, who sports a terrifying skull visage.

Dark Ages #2 goes on sale in October from Marvel Comics.


  • Written by TOM TAYLOR
  • Art and Cover by IBAN COELLO
  • On Sale 9/1


  • Written by TOM TAYLOR
  • Art and Cover by IBAN COELLO
  • On Sale 10/6

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Source: Marvel

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