Attack On Titan: 10 Chapters To Read To Learn About The Manga’s Lore

Lore is an important part of any fantasy story as it reveals important historical events that happened in the world prior to the beginning of the plot. Attack on Titan has a lot of lore that readers have enjoyed over the years, letting them know about different nations, wars, and even how the Titans were originally created.

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Now that the manga is over, some fans may want to look back at some of the best parts of the series. For those that specifically want to get a better understanding of Attack on Titan‘s lore, there are ten must-read chapters.

10 Erwin Had Predicted The Truth Of The World Since He Was A Child In Chapter 55

Erwin Smith Attack On Titan, Angry

When Erwin was a child, his father told him how many things didn’t make sense inside the walls. He believed that the Fritz family had the power to alter memories, making it so they could change the history that Eldians believed in. Because he said this, the Military Police killed Erwin’s father.

Erwin never stopped believing what he had learned from his father and was one of the few people in Paradis that knew the truth of the world before it was actually revealed.

9 The History Of The Ackerman Clan Was Revealed In Chapter 65

Kenny Ackermann Attack On Titan Season 3

The Ackerman clan consisted of some of the strongest characters in the series, including Mikasa and Levi. In Chapter 65, “Dreams and Curses,” Kenny spoke to his grandfather about their family’s history. Here, Kenny learned that because the Ackermans were not Eldians, they could not be controlled by the Founding Titan, which is why the royal family wanted to kill them.

He also found out that what everyone around him believed to be the history of their world was a lie and that the walls were created by the Titans. With this knowledge, Kenny hoped that he could inherit the Founding Titan and have the power to control Paradis.

8 Grisha Learned About The History Of The World In Chapter 86

After his sister was murdered, Grisha learned the history that the Marleyans wanted him to believe from his father. He was told that after Ymir Fritz made a deal with the Earth Devil, the Nine Titans were created and attacked the Marleyans. However, after The Great Titan War, the Marleyans took control of seven of the Nine Titans and while some Eldians went to Paradis with Karl Fritz, others had stayed in Marley, like Grisha’s family.

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Despite his father’s teachings, Grisha refused to believe him and came to resent him. He eventually became the leader of the Eldian Restorationists, where he learned that Ymir Fritz actually made the world a better place. After that, he and his comrades planned to take the Founding Titan and make the world theirs again.

7 Ymir Wrote A Letter To Historia In Chapter 89, Telling Her All About Her Past

Before she died, Ymir wrote a letter to Historia, telling her all about what her life was like before they met. When she was a child, she didn’t have anything and lived on the streets. One day, a worshipper of Ymir Fritz found her and had her play the role of the first Titan to ever exist. Now having Ymir as her name, she was treated like a goddess and was given everything she could have dreamed of.

Once the Marleyans found out, she was nearly stoned to death and turned into a Titan, until she eventually inherited the Jaw Titan and met Historia. Ymir’s past gave some insight into the beliefs of the Eldians that lived in Marley and showed that Ymir had been inside of the coordinate. This chapter also hinted at the Attack Titan’s ability to look into the future, which turned out to be one of the most important powers in the series.

6 Chapter 99 Reveals What Really Happened In The Great Titan War

Willy Tybur was one of the most respected men to ever live in Attack on Titan. People all over the world loved him despite being Eldian and were eager to hear anything he had to say. Therefore, they were shocked to hear what truly happened in The Great Titan War. Many believed that once the Titan Shifters turned against each other 100 years ago, Helos and the Tybur family forced Karl Fritz and many other Eldians to go to Paradis.

Karl Fritz actually chose to go to Paradis on his own, hating the history his ancestors fabricated. He worked with the Tyburs to make sure that the Titan powers would be stripped away from the other families that abused their abilities in The Great Titan War, and Helos never truly existed. Everything that people knew about how The Great Titan War started was a lie.

5 The History Of Hizuru Is Mentioned In Chapter 107

Anime Attack On Titan Mikasa Meets Lady Azumabito

After the Survey Corps and Anti-Marleyan Volunteers finished building the port, they were visited by Kiyomi Azumabito, a distant relative of Mikasa that lived in Hizuru. Kiyomi explained that the Fritz family and the son of Hizuru’s shogun were close friends.

Because of that, some of the shogun’s descendants ended up being in Paradis when Karl Fritz took control of it, with Mikasa being the last one alive 100 years later. Despite learning that she could be a powerful leader in Hizuru, Mikasa stayed in Paradis, though this did reveal a lot about the history of the world outside of Paradis and Marley.

4 Eren & Zeke Arrive At The Coordinate In Chapter 120

Eren and Zeke from Attack on Titan

Though the coordinate had appeared and was mentioned multiple times before Chapter 120, “A Fleeting Moment,” Eren’s first time going inside of it revealed a lot. After meeting Ymir Fritz and learning that she had been on her own for centuries, forced to create Titans for the Founding Titan inheritors, Eren revealed that he never agreed with Zeke’s plan to bring the Eldians to extinction.

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However, he had only done this because he thought Zeke was imprisoned, not knowing that because of his royal blood that he could have Ymir Fritz break the chains as Karl Fritz’s vow had no control over him. Despite Eren’s betrayal, Zeke wanted a healthy relationship with his brother and took them inside of Grisha’s memories, hoping to prove to Eren that he was brainwashed by their father, which revealed parts of Grisha’s life that readers never knew about.

3 Chapter 122 Shows How Ymir Fritz Became The First Titan

Eren Lets Ymir Fritz Decide

Chronologically, the first half of Chapter 122, “From You, 2,000 Years Ago,” is the first thing to happen in Attack on Titan. Ymir was a slave to King Fritz and after letting one of his pigs go, was hunted down. She ended up going inside of a tree that the Source of All Living Matter resided in. Upon contact with it, she became a Titan. King Fritz married her and the two of them had three daughters. He also had Ymir defeat his enemies.

However, when one of them tried to assassinate him, Ymir sacrificed herself to save him, ending her life thirteen years after she was hunted down. After that, King Fritz had his children eat their mother’s body, resulting in them turning into Titans. Their children eventually ate them, until thousands of Eldians came into existence and the main characters of the series were born.

2 Chapter 133 Revealed Some Interesting Information About The Nine Titans

The Nine Titans have always been important throughout Attack on Titan‘s history, and even towards the end of the story, more about their abilities was revealed. After Falco drank Zeke’s spinal fluid and inherited the Jaw Titan, he had a memory of a previous inheritor of the Beast Titan, one that was able to fly.

Because of this, he and Gabi asked Annie if it was true that the Female Titan could obtain powers of the other Nine Titans. Once she confirmed this, Falco realized that he’d be able to fly, which basically made him a mix between two of the Nine Titans.

1 Zeke Explains How Life Began In Chapter 137

Armin and Zeke

Inside of the coordinate, Zeke told Armin how life began. It was the first thing to ever survive in the universe due to it constantly multiplying itself. Through multiplying, life became many different things, including people, animals, and plants. Because dying was ultimately the opposite of multiplying as it removed part of life and Ymir Fritz was too powerful to die mentally, she ended up inside of the coordinate, where she became a prisoner for centuries.

Despite knowing a lot about how life began, Zeke didn’t know the meaning behind it, which Armin was able to explain to him, proving that just because life’s purpose was to multiply, they could live for more than that.

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