BATMAN Investigates ‘The Bodyguard Murders’ in GOTHAM NIGHTS #3 Preview

The Dark Knight goes to Brazil on the case of ‘The Bodyguard Murders,’ where top businesspeople have been mysteriously murdered – with their own bodyguards appearing to be their killers. The story comes from DC’s recent Giant print anthologies, reprinted now digitally in the weekly Tuesday series Batman: Gotham Nights – with this issue due out May 5.

Writer: Michael Gray
Artists: Ryan Benjamin, Richard Friend, Alex Sinclair and Troy Peteri
Batman is hot on the trail of a series of murders in Brazil, where government officials and various captains of industry have been mysteriously murdered by their own bodyguards. None of the assailants knew each other, but the Bodyguard Murders story went viral. As the Dark Knight starts assembling the pieces of the puzzle, he notices the things all these victims have in common are a connection to the logging industry, a penchant for bribes…and a woman who goes by the name POISON IVY.

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