Amalgam Again Part One: THE MIGHTY MORTAL

The Mighty Mortal

The Mighty Mortal by Rags Morales & Hailey Renee Brown

The Mighty Mortal by Rags Morales & Hailey Renee Brown

The Mighty Mortal by Rags Morales & Hailey Renee Brown

Welcome to #AmalgamAgain part one. This mash-up is brought to you by Newsarama and artists Rags Morales and Hailey Renee Brown. 

You can check out was Amalgam Again is here, and then check out our first creation below. 

The Who: The Mighty Mortal

The Inspiration: DC’s Shazam and Marvel’s the Mighty Thor

The logline: In the final moments before his death that will lead to Ragnarok and the end of the Norse Gods, their king Odin decides the era of mortals is upon Earth and as his final act gifts humanity Asgard’s greatest tool – Mjolnir – to whom he deems is the most worthy mortal on Earth. 

The ancient god selects 14-year-old Donnie Batson, but Odin dies before revealing to Donnie why he was deemed the most worthy. 

Helped by his best friends Freddie Selvig and Mary Foster, when Billy summons the power of Mjolnir he becomes the Mighty Mortal, temporarily transforming into an adult with the strength, courage and wisdom acquired over eons by the Asgardians.

The Meta: Why are we mashing up the Mighty Thor of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with the World’s Mightiest Mortal? 

Well, there’s that

But given the recent prominence of Ragnarok, the death of Odin and succession in Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the parallels between ancient, powerful beings upon their death granting vast power based on a pantheon of gods to ‘worthy’ but unlikely human beings was hard to ignore when searching for some commonality between Marvel and DC characters. 

Of course, we had to fold in the Donald Blake elements of Thor’s origin, which Marvel Comics and Studios have more or less abandoned, but they’ve both explored the concept of Thor’s worthiness, which dovetails into Shazam’s origins (including in the recent feature film) neatly enough. 

Both character’s mythology also involve the frequent sharing of or granting/transferring the source of their powers. 

Meanwhile, heroes are often defined by their villains and in our mind’s eye the Mighty Mortal will be menaced (we’re not trying to channel Stan Lee on purpose, promise) by Teth-Loki. 

Teth-Loki was an orphaned human child Odin adopted thousands of years ago and raised as his own in Asgard. But when Odin passed down his magical spear Gungnir, Asgard’s most powerful weapon, to his adopted son, Teth-Loki was corrupted by its power, and plotted against Odin for millennium.

Surviving Ragnarok because he is not a true Asgardian, the villain travels to his birth world of Earth still possessing the power of Gungnir and believing Mjolnir and its power is rightfully his.

The Artists: Fan-favorite artist Rags Morales (DC’s Identity Crisis, Action Comics) was kind enough to bring his professional hand to the first edition of our little experiment, colored by artist Hailey Renee Brown. 

“Hailey is a new kid on the block,” Morales told us. “A Joe Kubert School graduate, her work can be found in Friction Magazine and at Dynamite. Her varied palette ranges from anime brights to classic darks. This digital/classic artist is one to watch for in the future.”

You can check out Hailey’s work at or on her Instagram account and you’ll be seeing more of her talents here later this week. 

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