X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR, More NOT On MARVEL’s Revised Release Slate

Marvel Comics April 2020 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics

Credit: Marvel Comics

With Diamond’s Direct Market distribution seemingly back up and running, Marvel Comics has released a revised schedule for its comic book releases from May 27 through July 8 – and although 26 titles are listed, there are a lot of issues not on their schedule.

Specifically, here are some titles you won’t be seeing for at least the next two months (and possibly more).

X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacy, Conan the Barbarian, and Star Wars are the highest-profile ongoing titles that are missing in action for the time being.

Two titles that would have dovetailed into the Black Widow movie – Black Widow and the Taskmaster limited series – are also absent. Given the rescheduled movie release date, it’s easy to assume the reason why they would hold off on publication until closer to the film – to capitalize on the media attention.

Credit: R.B. Silva (Marvel Comics)

In other notable absences, the entirety of the “Outlawed” sub-line of titles – Champions, Power Pack, and New Warriors – are not included.

Other titles M.I.A. (for now) include the Runaways and Strike Force ongoings, as well as limited series such as Punisher vs. Barracuda, Atlantis Attacks, and Force Works.

And while the pair of Empyre #0 issues are present, the main series itself and the various tie-in titles planned for April and subsequent months are unaccounted for through July 8.

Credit: Marvel Comics

In a statement which announced the new schedule, a Marvel spokesperson stated this was a “balanced release schedule…as the industry continues to restart distribution and comic shops begin to reopen and adapt to current social distancing policies.”

In other words, some retailers might be fully operational while others are at limited capacity, or closed completely. To that end, this slowed roll-out of titles seems to be aimed at keeping stores that are open stocked with product, while not leaving those still unable to sell their wares with too much to catch up on for their customers.

To be clear, all of the titles that do not appear on this schedule aren’t necessarily part of the 15 to 20% of its upcoming titles Marvel has paused production on. Newsarama can confirm work has continued on several of the comics we named above.

That being said, Marvel has not announced which titles are among those on a work hiatus and which are simply coming out later as a result of scheduling changes

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