AWA To Serialize New Comics Online During DIAMOND Shutdown

"The Resistance #1" first look 2020
Credit: Artists Writers & Artisans

Credit: Artists, Writers & Artisans

The recently-launched publisher Artists, Writers & Artisans (AWA) is adapting to the changing marketplace and continuing their upcoming releases – even without the Direct Market.

In response to Diamond Comic Distributors’ decision to suspend the distribution of new comic books in April, AWA has partnered with digital comics platforms WEBTOON and Tapas to serialize their recent and upcoming issues beginning Wednesday. Each 20+-page issue will be split into three or four parts and released weekly in the two platforms’ vertical scrolling format.

March 18’s The Resistance #1 will be the first title serialized in this manner, with plans to folow that with Hotell, Red Border, and Archangel 8. While the first issues of each have all been released, WEBTOON and Tapas will continue serializing each series – to include serializing issues unreleased in print – once it reaches that point on the schedule.

“We plan to start with the first issue of these four series, which have already been released physically, and stagger their releases so that we have new content released until physical distribution resumes, and then continue the webtoons-style releases of each issue following their physical release,” reads AWA’s announcement press release.

AWA has also suspended the comiXology release of its issues during this time.

“AWA will be postponing all print releases currently solicited until Diamond resumes distribution,” said AWA’s Marketing Manager Ryan Conners. “Once things are back up and running, we will continue our current release schedule.”

AWA has confirmed that any upcoming titles already printed will be held in storage until Diamond resumes distribution, and the company has no plans to release them outside of Diamond.

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