X-FACTOR Suits Up With New Uniforms From DAVID BALDEON

X-Factor #1
Credit: David Baldeon (Marvel Comics)

X-Factor is about to relaunch in the “Dawn of X” era courtesy of writer Leah Williams and David Baldeon – and to mark the occasion, Baldeon has taken up X-Factor tradition and given the team a line of matching uniforms.

Here are Baldeon’s designs for, from left to right, Rachel Summers, Daken, Northstar, Aurora, Polaris, Prodigy, and Eye Boy, courtesy of

Credit: David Baldeon (Marvel Comics)

This also marks the addition of Aurora, Northstar’s twin, to the team. She’ll join as the first arc rolls on – in part because Northstar will be the new team leader.

Credit: David Baldeon (Marvel Comics)

“I hadn’t originally planned on having Aurora be a part of the field team,” Williams told “She was destined to have a role more along the lines of operations and intel around the Boneyard, which is the name for X-factor’s Krakoan headquarters.

“Like Polaris, I need Aurora to have a lot of additional bandwidth to do individual character work with her – so keeping her untethered to explore her growth without Northstar overshadowing her was my goal. But then I saw David’s design for her X-factor uniform and changed my mind.”

Credit: Ivan Shavrin (Marvel Comics)

As for the designs themselves, Baldeon brought up the long history of X-Factor wearing matching costumes, which goes back to their earliest appearances when the line-up consisted of the reunited original five X-Men.

“There were many different ideas and concepts I wanted to include in the designs, one of them doing an homage of shorts to the original Jackson Guice designs. I love those big bold X decals all aver the suits!” Baldeon explained.

“While trying to integrate the X motif into the new suits, this little idea went into my head: these guys are not so much Super Heroes as investigators looking for missing mutants. ‘Missing mutants’, or ‘missing X’s’, perhaps? That took the shape, after some sketching, of this ’empty set,’ ‘non-X’ logo that I really like, that worked like a charm on the suits, and that went great as a contrast to the classic X and its ‘Dawn of X’ reinterpretation.”

X-Factor #1 is due out April 22, with the David Baldeon silhouette variant cover seen here, along with Ivan Shavrin’s cover for X-Factor #2.

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