SCOUT COMICS April 2020 Solicitations

Scout Comics April 2020 cover
Credit: Scout Comics

Written by Shad Gaspard and Marc Copani and Illustrated by Eder Messiah
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
On Sale Date: April 15, 2020
April is WrestleMania season! Featuring the comic writing debuts of former WWE wrestlers, Shad Gaspard (member of Cryme Tyme) and Marc Copani (Muhammad Hassan)! ASSASSIN AND SON is a gritty urban-western set in present-day New York. Donovan Braddock is a one-man killing unit who works with a team of covert assassins known as “The Horsemen,” When Braddock attempts to live a normal life and leave his old violent life behind he discovers that violence still follows him as his wife is cold-heartedly murdered in front of both him and his young son. Now with nothing to live for, this tragic event sends father and son on an epic journey of revenge and consequence that becomes their “Path of Vengeance.”
Retailer Incentives: Retailers purchasing ten copies of Cover A (1:10) of ASSASSIN AND SON #1 will unlock unlimited orders of Cover B by series artist Eder Messiah. Please reach out to your CS rep with questions about retailer incentives.


Written and Illustrated by Dave Chisholm    
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
On Sale Date: April 22, 2020
Fiery exploding skulls; super volcanic eruptions; interstellar travel; a mission gone horribly wrong; the ground turned to liquid; a miraculous launch; trapped half a mile beneath the surface of the planet and surrounded by otherworldly fire–the situation is looking dire for Helen and Arther as they attempt to blast their way back to the surface, Helen learns the truth behind the mission to Canopus amping up her urgency to return home. In this penultimate issue of Canopus, the tension ratchets up setting the table for the ultimate twist in issue 4! CANOPUS is Castaway meets Annihilation, with a healthy dose of P.K. Dick.


ELECTRIC BLACK Volume One Trade Paperback
Written and Illustrated by Joseph Schmalke and Rich Woodall
Full Color, 144 pages, $17.99
On Sale Date: April 29, 2020
Dare you step within the sinister halls of THE ELECTRIC BLACK? A doomed ship infested with demonic rats, an elixir of life that devolves people into blood craving monsters, and a nefarious necklace with apocalyptic properties all await you inside. The cursed antique shop calls out, appearing in any time or space, soliciting new customers that it hungers to corrupt or devour. The poor souls that enter never leave empty handed. Its dark light will shine on macabre mysteries, grisly murders, and other frightful occurrences. Julius Black is the store’s enigmatic demonic proprietor and narrator. Along with his psychopathic employees, he regularly manipulates patrons for his own devious purposes. Inside the eerie emporium, all of the forbidden objects have secrets to unlock. This inaugural volume collects the first four issues of the quarterly, ongoing series, containing exclusive bonus artwork and a special cover gallery.


Written Blake Northcott and Scott Lobdell and Illustrated by Roc Upchurch
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
On Sale Date: April 15, 2020
A wrong turn down a dead end road. A car that won’t start. An unspeakable evil emerges from the darkness. No phones. No weapons. No escape. Think you’ve seen this all before? THINK AGAIN. When a girls softball team takes a shortcut through the Florida Everglades, they veer off the path towards a night they’ll never forget – drinking, dancing – one last hurrah before college starts and they go their separate ways. When they stumble into a trap set by a murderous cult, the stage is set for a night of blood-soaked carnage – but the cult has never dealt with victims who are ready to fight back. And while the girls might not have home field advantage, they have a game-changing surprise of their own.
Retailer Incentives: Retailers purchasing ten copies of Cover A (1:10) of EVERGLADE ANGELS #1 will unlock unlimited orders of Cover B by Jae Lee. Please reach out to your CS rep with questions about retailer incentives.


Written by and Illustrated by Enzo Garza
Full Color, 32 pages
On Sale Date: April 29, 2020    
As seen in HEAVY METAL magazine, a special one-shot of everyone’s favorite intestinal ghost. Gutt Ghost finds himself mistakenly in debt to a long standing organization cloaked in violence and hellfire. Welcome the SAWBUCK SKELETON SOCIETY with their horrific means to advance an undead agenda and collect on all living debts in a most violent way. Can good ol’ Gutt talk his way out of this one or will he have to call upon some unlikely friends to get him out of this bone hacking predicament?! Featuring a special cover by industry legend Mike Mignola and a glow-in-dark variant by series creator Enzo Garza!


Written by James Pruett and Illustrated by Scott Van Domelen
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
On Sale Date: April 22, 2020
On the run from elite hunters while attempting to locate and rescue the remaining “Salvation Children” being used in experiments by the Alpha Changeling, Jennifer and her two children, Elita and Alejandro must first survive the treacherous creatures that hide in the swampland between them and Cape Canaveral. If that wasn’t enough to deter them, an old enemy returns with vengeance on his mind. MIDNIGHT SKY is Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets They Live. Featuring two covers by series artist Scott Van Domelen, including a special The Blob homage.


Written by Ryan Ellsworth and Illustrated by Rob Carey
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
On Sale Date: April 22, 2020
The cold war continues when a DEA agent is recruited to test a mind control drug on unwitting Americans. Brendan sets up the Seattle safe house, clashing with someone who puts the entire project at risk before it even gets off the ground. Meanwhile, Annie’s search for the stolen cash leads her down a road that could cost her everything.


TART Trade Paperback
Written by Kevin Joseph and Illustrated by Ludovic Sallé
Full Color, 160 pages, $19.99
On Sale Date: April 29, 2020
Special NONSTOP! Imprint trade paperback where Scout releases a World Premiere issue followed by the entire story in a collected volume at a special reduced price! Seven issues worth of art and story for the price of five! The Rulers of Hell have lost an asset of power, and they are willing to tear the history of the world apart to hunt it down. As a team of time-traveling demon hunters known as The Toxic Fruit work to thwart them, their newest recruit, Tart Acid, learns what it’s like to continually fight the Hordes of Hell in order to protect all we experience from crumbling into chaos.


Written by Charlie Stickney and Illustrated by Conor Hughes
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
On Sale Date: April 15, 2020
A tragic death leaves the residents of White Ash reeling.  More of the Town’s secret past is revealed as we get our first glimpse of the “Longest Night.” The incomparable Glarien makes her debut appearance cutting a bloody path on to the scene. WHITE ASH is Romeo and Juliet meets Lord of the Rings… in rural Pennsylvania. 


Written by James E. Roche and Illustrated by Salo Farias
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
On Sale Date: April 29, 2020
Shea’s execution is today, and all bots are tuned in to watch the show, however reluctant some may be. Having just about given up all hope only Sean and his crew of misfits can save her. When they infiltrate the bot settlement for one final battle, will they all walk out alive, or will their bodies be the first of many in the next robot revolution?

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