MICHAEL KEATON in MORBIUS Trailer Blurs Lines Between Sony Spider-Verse & MCU

Michael Keaton in 'Morbius'
Credit: Sony Pictures

A fresh, hot, bloody Morbius trailer just dropped – and in a rare move, it actually included a kinda crazy “stinger” of sorts.

Similar to a Marvel Studios style post-credits scene, the final shot of the trailer includes an apparent appearance from another Spider-Man villain – but not Sony’s Venom


That’s Michael Keaton up at the top – as in, the guy who played Adrian Toomes/The Vuture in Spider-Man: Homecoming. While we can’t confirm he’s playing Toomes in Morbius, it would be pretty odd for him to play a second Spidey-adjacent role, considering the trailer kicks off by establishing a direct connection to Sony as “the studio that brought you Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

That’s not all – in another shot, Morbius walks past a poster of Spider-Man with graffitti reading “Murderer!” scrawled on it – a potential (although again not confirmed) reference to Mysterio’s hoax video showing his own death at Spidey’s hands in Homecoming’s sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Credit: Sony Pictures

So what’s the possible implication? Well, that Marvel/Sony Spidey-sharing plan seems to go deeper than we realized. It’s hard to definitively say there’s a connection to the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe here, but Toomes would be the first character from the MCU to canonically jump to Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters – a tangible, direct link to the established MCU Spider-Man mythos.

It’s possible Sony made this decision when Tom Holland’s Spider-Man MCU film future was up in the air – and stuck with it once the dust settled. After all, Marvel Studios only has its hands on one more Spidey solo film and another guest appearance from the wall-crawler – and that long in-development Sinister Six movie may still be in Sony’s stable. There were rumors Keaton would have a cameo in Far From Home – but that didn’t happen. Could this be the cameo that was filmed?

Morbius is due out in theaters July 31.

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