New Warriors #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artist Luciano Vecchio will launch a new volume of New Warriors this April, following March 18’s Outlawed one-shot which makes it illegal to be an Earth-bound superhero in the Marvel Universe if you’re under 21.

Announced via SyFyWire, the new volume of New Warriors brings back classic team members Night Thrasher, Namorita, Speedball, Rage, Firestar, and Silhouette alongside five still unnamed new recruits. According to Kibblesmith, core member Justice will also play a role in the book – but he has a “larger role” in the overall story of Outlawed.

Credit: Marvel Comics

“It’s tough out there for a teen hero. Without giving too much away, the New Warriors have chosen a side, and they’re recruiting unaffiliated new New Warriors to come in from the cold and get proper hero training,” Kibblesmith told SyFyWire. “So we get to see all our old favorite buddies, but also a new team of heroes that we want to feel as modern and immediate as the New Warriors felt in 1990, when they’re literally bursting through old comics on their first cover as if to say, ‘Throw these old comics in the trash where they belong, it is the ’90s now’.”

New Warriors #1 launches in April with covers from Vecchio and RB Silva, seen here. The series length was not specified.

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