Cult-Favorite Villains Join X-CLASSIFIED Team

X-Classified teaser 3
Credit: Marvel Comics

Cult-favorite villains Nanny and Orphan-Maker have joined the still unfolding roster of Marvel’s mysterious X-Classified team which also includes Havok and Psylocke – and four more members still in silhouette.

Here’s the tweet revealing their identities:

“The most murderous” refers to the pair’s past as kidnappers of mutant children who saw themselves as their protectors – even while slaying their families and trying to kill various X-teams over the years. Created by Walt and Louise Simonson, the pair’s villainous career began when Nanny, a cybernetic super-scientist rescued Orphan-Maker (otherwise known only as Peter) from Mister Sinister – who may also be in the image in silhouette.

As for what Orphan-Maker’s powers actually are – no one knows. It’s only known that he wears an armored power suit, has the mind and temperment of a child, and that Sinister believed he couldn’t control him.

Oddly, Orphan-Maker and Nanny also de-aged several X-Men including Dazzler, Psylocke, and Havok, and reduced Storm to the age of teenager, a change which stuck for some time – giving them direct ties to at least two members of the team.

The remaining four members of the still unnamed squad are expected to be revealed at noon Eastern time on Thursday and Friday.

The unnamed “X-Classified” title is scheduled for a March release.

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