BATMAN’s Replacement for ALFRED Revealed

Batman #83
Credit: Mikel Janin (DC)

Credit: DC

Incoming Batman writer James Tynion IV has revealed that Lucius Fox will be a key part of his run. In addition to being CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Fox will also be filling in the role the late Alfred Pennyworth filled for the Dark Knight.

“Lucius has also started to operate as Batman’s operations person, filling the role that was one served by Alfred,” writes Tynion in a pitch document he’s shared in his newsletter. “This has put considerable stress on the old man, who is not used to operating on three hours sleep a night. But he believes in the mission of Batman, and the new city that’s growing beneath their feet.”

Credit: DC

Fox’s son, Luke, is also being groomed for a major role in Batman – while he currently operates as Batwing, but Lucius wants his son to take over this operations role for Batman.

“His son, Luke Fox, is worried about his dad’s new night job, and the ways in which it’s keeping him from his family and affecting his health,” Tynion continues. “He knows what working close to Batman can do to a person, and he sees the death of Alfred as a clear warning of what might be in store for his father. Luke wants him to retire, but Lucius will only consider it if his son takes on his mantle. There needs to be a Batman and Batman needs help.”

Lucius Fox’s new role will result in “new Batwings and Batmobiles” for Batman, with Tynion planning to highlight a new Batman gadget or vehicle in every issue of his Batman run.

Tynion’s run begins December 18 with a prelude in Batman #85, then goes full force with #86.

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