JASON AARON Pens Poignant Farewell to THOR

King Thor #4
Credit: Mike Del Mundo (Marvel Comics)

Credit: Esad Ribic (Marvel Comics)

Six years and one day ago, Jason Aaron’s run with Thor began with Thor: God of Thunder #1. It ends next month with King Thor #4. On the occasion, Jason Aaron wrote a farewell letter to the character, the franchise, and the Thor fans – and an excerpt has been shared with Newsarama.

“Thor is truly the sort of god (or gods, I guess, as I wrote a whole bunch of Thors) that I would like to believe in,” writes Aaron. “The god who wakes up every single day and looks at that hammer, with its worthiness enchantment, and doesn’t know if he or she will be able to lift it. Who lives every day questioning their own worthiness, aspiring for it, while also embracing their unworthiness, their failings.

“The kind of god who delights and takes unbridled joy from the wild, unimaginable beauty all around them. A god who sometimes drinks too much, sometimes loves too recklessly, who thinks both too highly and too lowly of themselves, who laughs big, weeps bigger, who thunders and broods and feels things deeply, even through near impenetrable flesh Who would die a thousand times to save what’s most precious to them, which is us.

Credit: Mike Del Mundo (Marvel Comics)

“Like the Vikings of old weaving their sagas, I was fortunate enough to be able to dream that very god into being, while standing on the shoulders of god-spawning giants with names like Lee and Kirby and Simonson. And now Thor will always be very real to me. The God of Thunder will always be a profound presence in my life.”

Look for Aaron’s full farewell in King Thor #4, due out December 18. Newsarama will be debuting pages from this upcoming finale later on Friday.

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