LOIS LANE and WONDER WOMAN Climb K2 in Diana’s GIANT #2

Wonder Woman Giant #2
Credit: Amanda Conner/Paul Mounts (DC)

Credit: Amanda Conner/Paul Mounts (DC)

Lois Lane will be teaming up with Wonder Woman in December 18’s Wonder Woman Giant #2 – and bringing in some familiar faces to write and draw it.

DC has revealed the contents of the upcoming anthology, led by “The Curse of the K2” – a 16-page Wonder Woman/Lois Lane team-up story by writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, along with artist Daniel Sampere and Juan Albarran.

“Wonder Woman must rescue Lois Lane from an expedition to the treacherous mountain K2!” reads DC’s description. “Lois is hot on the trail of a missing group of women climbers who are hoping to conquer the peak. But what dangers lurk in K2’s snow-covered caverns-and can Princess Diana keep the Daily Planet’s intrepid reporter safe?”

Writer Van Jensen will be making his DC return, writing an 8-page story called “Sure Shot” with artist Jheremy Raapack.

“Deadshot has set his sights on a corrupt government official, and it’s up to the Amazon Princess to protect him from the legendary assassin-but does this particular target actually deserve to be saved?” reads DC’s description.

In addition to those 24 pages of new content, Wonder Woman Giant #2 will include reprints of Wonder Woman #3‘s “Year One Part 2,” Green Lantern #30‘s “Secret Origin Part 2,” and Sword of Sorcery #1‘s “The Cataclysm Part 2: The Blood of Amethyst.”

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