LEVIATHAN to Return in ‘Secret’ LEVIATHAN DAWN #1

Event Leviathan #6
Credit: Alex Maleev (DC)

Credit: DC

The identity of Brian Michael Bendis’ new scourge upon the DC Universe – Leviathan – was revealed this week. And while we won’t spoil that reveal for you here (we’ll dive into its ramifications in a spoiler-warned story later Wednesday), we will tell you the character will seemingly return in a new series or one-shot called Leviathan Dawn

Why just “seemingly”? We’ll explain.  

The last panel of Event Leviathan #6 features the titlular character effectively threatening to an underling that he or she will now do what he/she perceives the heroes want him/her to do – to “burn this all to the ground” rather than try to fix it. Slight spoilers coming…

The issue previously revealed that what that mean is publicly release “every single secret to the world simultanously” – meaning bank accounts, passwords, texts, emails and presumably nuclear codes and … wait for it … superhero secret identities. 

The panel then features the tease that Leviathan will return (obviously) in Action Comics #1018 over a bar, and under the bar the title Leviathan Dawn #1 appears. The copy, however, does not make it clear whether those are two distinct things (there is no “and” or “&”).

That said, December’s Action #1018 was originally solicited as part two of the “Invisible War” arc with no mention of Leviathan. January’s Action #1019 solicit reveals Leviathan (along with Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom) are somehow involved in Superman’s upcoming public reveal of his secret identity, now with Leviathan’s intention to reveal all the world’s secret presumably a catalyst. 

So if Leviathan Dawn #1 isn’t an Action Comics arc, process of elimation suggests it’s its own series, perhaps to be revealed with DC’s February 2020 solicitations later this week and perhaps with more major impact to the DCU to come, given Superman isn’t the only superhero with a secret identity. 

Asked to clarify Wednesday afternoon, a DC representative declined to respond to what Leviathan Dawn #1 is or when more will be revealed.

Apparently, it’s a secret. 

Tick tock.

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