An Unexpected Romance Blooms on KRAKOA in X-MEN #2 – SPOILERS

X-Men #2
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week’s X-Men #3 from Jonathan Hickman, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alainguilan, and Sunny Gho changes the landscape of Krakoa in a massive way – and potentially signals a strange turn for Apocalypse.

All this and the continued fate of Charles Xavier (who perished in X-Force #1) signal strange times ahead for Marvel’s merry mutants.

Spoilers ahead for X-Men #2.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Credit: Marvel Comics

X-Men #2 opens with the news that Xavier’s assassination in X-Force #1 is still seemingly unresolved – with citizens of Krakoa in turmoil as a result. Complicating matters, Krakoa itself is moving toward a mysterious second island that appeared off its coast.

With Doug Ramsey off-world, communication with Krakoa is difficult, if not impossible, so Cyclops enlists his kids, Cable and Prestige, to investigate the new landmass. On arrival, they encounter thick jungle akin to the Savage Land – but the beasts on the island are unnatural to Earth.

As the Summers family does battle with a large monstrous predator, they encounter a strange being who identifies herself as a “Summoner” and the one responsible for calling up the monster. According to the issue’s backmatter, Summoners are capable of drawing forth extradimensional beings from beyond the Otherworld – which is a key aspect of Excalibur.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Credit: Marvel Comics

After a misunderstanding with Cable, Prestige is able to give the Summoner knowledge of Krakoan, enabling communication. The Summoner explains that Krakoa and her island – the mysterious “Arakko” named as the other half of Krakoa’s previous landmass Okkara in its origin story in Powers of X #4 – are in love.

As Arrako approaches Krakoa, the two islands reach out their floral tendrils, drawing together into one much larger island – reuniting Okkara as a single island split between the lush Krakoa and the foreboding, alien Arakko.

Later, at the place where the two islands meet, the Summoner convenes with Apocalypse, who once defended Okkara alongside his original Horsemen – one of whom, War, the Summoner identifies as her mother – before the island was cleaved in half by an enemy with a “twilight sword” (again as seen in Powers of X #4).

She tells Apocalypse “the enemy has come,” and begs him to save her. Apocalypse vows to protect “all my children. Those of Krakoa … and those of Arakko.”

The story continues in X-Men #3, due out December 4.

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