A Second SPIDER-MAN Villain Added to VENOM Sequel – Report

Absolute Carnage #2 variant
Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)

Credit: Sony Pictures

Shriek will appear in Sony Pictures’ second Venom film, according to Deadline. Citing “two sources close to the project,” Shriek will be an antagonist in the film alongside Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kasaday/Carnage, who debuted in the original film’s final moments.

“Right now the role is not filled, the net is cast wide toward many kinds of actresses,” said one of Deadline‘s sources. “[They are] looking mostly at unknowns right now.”

Shriek originally debuted in 1993’s “Maximum Carnage” crossover inside Spider-Man Unlimited #1. In comic books, Shriek is a mutant with powers connected to the Darkforce Dimension -(the same dimension Cloak is connected to). She is an on-again, off-again lover of Carnage, and recently reappeared at his side in the lead-up to Absolute Carnage.

The as-yet-untitled Venom sequel is due out in theaters October 2, 2020.

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