MIKE DeCARLO Asking For Your Help After Family Health Emergency

Mike Zeck, Mike DeCarlo, Tracy Decarlo
Credit: Mike DeCarlo
Tracy DeCarlo

Tracy DeCarlo

Credit: Mike DeCarlo

Long-time inker Mike DeCarlo has started a GoFundMe page to raise funds to help him and his wife Tracy pay for health care after two car accidents. DeCarlo is a veteran inker who has worked in the industry for over forty years. His credits include inking Tales of the Teen Titans‘ “The Judas Contract,” Batman‘s “A Death in the Family” and “Ten Nights of the Beast.”

In 2018, Tracy DeCarlo was involved in a traffic accident which left her seriously injured and in a coma. The DeCarlo family and art dealer Spencer Beck raised $26,934 via GoFundMe at the time to help with expenses, but other issues have come up which lead the inker to again ask for help.

“I am sorry to have to ask for help yet again (16 months later), but, Medicaid and another circumstance has let me down in huge fashion!” DeCarlo writes. “Medicaid would not retroactively pay for 2 full months of Tracy’s room at the nursing facility and I am paying off their Legal Collection team $20,000. This was after it cost me $5,000 just to get Medicaid in place as quickly as I could.”

Compounding the situation was Mike DeCarlo getting in a car wreck in July, leaving his car totaled. The artist said he received a cash value payout from his insurance to replace the car, but he had to put additional money down to buy a new vehicle.

“I felt a few months ago that I could make do by simply working hard, but having another $26,000 to drain my finances has left me with no chance of remotely slowing down as I enter my mid-60’s,” Decarlo writes. “Plus, as you know, I will have a very disabled wife to always take care of.”

According to DeCarlo, $21,000 of the 2018 GoFundMe money went towards air transport to relocate his wife from Portland back to his hometown.

“I addition to all of this, Medicaid is fighting me tooth and nail for quality home care because ‘Why can’t I be the sole caregiver?’  Even discounting I am almost crippled with Arthritis,” DeCarlo continued. “Self-employed people obviously don’t ‘count’ in their narrow scheme of things.”

To date, DeCarlo has raised $4,861 towards his $20,000 goal, and plans to continue attending conventions to raise more funds as well.

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