DISNEY Actor Aims for KATE BISHOP Role in 2020 HAWKEYE Show

Credit: Julian Totino Tedesco (Marvel Comics) / Artemis


Credit: Ovi Balaj

Disney+’s upcoming Hawkeye show will follow Jeremy Renner’s archer as he trains a debuting Kate Bishop on how to be a superhero – but who will play Kate Bishop?

There’s already one Disney star who has her sights on the role: Stargirl‘s Artemis.

No, not the DC Universe show – Stargirl is a 2020 Disney+ live-action film based on Jerry Spinelli’s hit prose novel, and Artemis plays a character named Mallory Stillwell. She’s previously had minor roles in Clint Eastwood’s The Mule and the indie film Atlanta Vampire Movie, and tells Newsarama that she’s a lifelong comic book fan who has trained in martial arts, gymnastics, and – yes – archery for over 10 years.

“When it was announced at Comic-Con that Kate Bishop is going to be in the live-action Hawkeye show on Disney+, I took to social media to express that playing Kate Bishop would be a dream come true and that I would do everything in my power to bring justice to this character,” Artemis told Newsarama. “I started a campaign with the hashtag #Artemis4KateBishop, and in the past two weeks, it has taken off!”

In pursuit of this role, Artemis even filmed a ‘Bottlecap Challenge’ video as Kate Bishop; check it out:

What do you think – could she play opposite Jeremy Renner and be the MCU’s Kate Bishop?

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