JIM LEE’s Top Ten Creations

1. WildC.A.T.S.

After creating characters here and there for Marvel Lee created a team and a title of his own in WildCA.T.S.

Working with friend and frequent collaborator Brandon Choi, Lee carried over some popular visual elements from his X-Men run, recontextualizing those ideas in original stories pulled from more eclectic places – everything from the Justice League to hard sci-fi. Even issues about immigration were explored.

But the art… the art was classic Lee.

Where as Uncanny X-Men and X-Men led to his first brush with popularity, given the ability to be his own boss with WildC.A.T.S. at Image, Lee was able to refine his style and choose his collaborators, making WildC.A.T.S. feel like the pinnacle of superhero artistic achievement for a time.

Over the years the concept of the team evolved, and Lee stepped back to make way for creators such as Alan Moore, Travis Charest, Joe Casey, and Dustin Nguyen to add to the mythos he created. But every couple years, Lee would return, relaunching it with a new #1.

The most recent revival of the team happened in the pages of the now-concluded The Wild Storm title from DC – and the publisher is working with Warren Ellis on a new six-issue series that, although delayed, Lee himself hopes will be released soon.

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