SPIDER-MAN Countdown Goes to 1 – And CEBULSKI Jokes About ONE MORE DAY

Credit: Marvel Comics
"One More Day" image by Joe Quesada

“One More Day” image by Joe Quesada

Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel’s Spider-Man countdown has reached “1” on Wednesday as expected – and company Editor-in-Chief  C.B. Cebulski is already beating you to that One More Day joke.

“Looks like we only have to wait One More Day for the big Spider-Man reveal! (Just joking…),” Cebulski tweeted in response to Marvel Comics’ original tweet.

Credit: Marvel Comics

That would seemingly be Cebulski shooting down this mysterious project’s connection to Spider-Man: One More Day, after previous refutations that it’s a version of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 or a Fantastic Four crossover.

With this, Thursday seems to be the countdown to 0. That does bring up something – Marvel has never done an Amazing Spider-Man #0. They’ve done Amazing Spider-Man #-1 and a Sensational Spider-Man #0, however.

…Yeah, we’re grasping right now like the rest of us. Then again, Cebulski has previously tweeted “No one is going to see this one coming.” If that’s the case then these teasers aren’t meant to give hints as to what’s to come – so anything’s in reason.

The only thing seemingly clear is that it’s spider-related, and it’s comic books as opposed to Marvel TV, Marvel films, Marvel games, or another Marvel extension.

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