The 10 Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Sidekicks

Rhodey might be Iron Man’s best sidekick, but Ho Yinsen will always be Tony Stark’s.

Without Yinsen, Stark wouldn’t have survived the first 10 minutes of the MCU. Without Yinsen, Stark wouldn’t have invented the first Iron Man suit. Without Yinsen, Stark wouldn’t have become the man who forsook his company in the pursuit of global safety.

While every one of Iron Man’s Avengers pals make for great backup singers to Marvel’s titanium-clad hero, there is only one character who stood by Stark, the man under the mask, when he needed it most. Though his death was unceremonious and came far too soon, we’ll never forget Yinsen, the unsung hero whom Stark, and the MCU as a whole, needed but could never truly deserve. — Robert Carnevale

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