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Men of Mystery #112
Credit: Reed Crandall (AC Comics)

Men of Mystery #112
Writers: Bill Woolfolk, Ed Cronin, Ruth Roche, Toni Blum, Otto Binder, R. S. Callender, Charles Biro and others uncredited
Artists: Reed Crandall, Bob Powell, Charles Biro, Fred Kida, Phil Bard, Emil Gershwin, Al Avison, Bill Draut, Paul Norris, Bill Quackenbush, Robert Bugg and others uncredited.
Cover Artists: Reed Crandall
Focus on the patriotic heroes of the Golden Age with never-previously-reprinted gems starring UNCLE SAM, CRIMEBUSTER, MINUTE MAN, YANK and DOODLE and MOM first-timer MANOWAR!! Plus- SPY SMASHER, RED DEMON, AIRBOY( with VALKYRIE!!), MARTAN the MARVELMAN and five more!! Art by Crandall, Powell, Biro, Kida and other greats.
With Independence Day 2019 coming, what better to highlight than the star-spangled adventurers among the ranks of comic book super-types of the early 1940’s ? And where else to start that than with the ORIGINAL costumed symbol of the good ole’ US of A, UNCLE SAM himself? MOM #112 leads off with a spectacular Reed Crandall-drawn UNCLE SAM story, originally published in Quality Comics’ National #25. Keeping the parade going, Fawcett’s MINUTE MAN rings in with “Minute Man Meets The Mummy” from Master Comics #36, drawn by Phil Bard doing his best imitation of Jack Kirby. The seldom-seen duo of costumed vigilantes, YANK and DOODLE appear, as drawn by Paul Norris, out of Prize Comics #26. Then, a gripping CRIMEBUSTER epic from early in his career (Boy Comics #5), while he was still wearing his caped red-white-and-blue costume. And this issues’ MOM “debut” character is right in theme- it’s the flag-draped wonder known as MANOWAR, from Centaur Comics’ Man of War Comics #1. Most experts have credited this story to the prolific Paul Gustavson ( Gustavson’s son Terry has “confirmed” this, and Paul DID draw the characters initial story and the cover to #1), but we don’t belive that for a second. Looks like Al Avison to us. Read it here in MOM #112, and YOU decide. Mind you, if the patriotic types are not your bag, this issue has penty of other vintage treasures, including the AIRBOY story that introduced his sultry nemesis, Valkyrie. Hmmm… Airboy’s costume is mostly red and blue, too; isn’t it? Then, another story of The RED DEMON-“Double Trouble”, another previously-unseen installment of MARTAN the MARVEL MAN -this one frm Popular #52; SNIFFER and IRON JAW in “Oily Boid”, SPY SMASHER; the most OUTRAGEOUS “good girl art” jungle girl, Fox Features’ RULAH; a SECOND debut character- the mysterious CAT GIRL, plus several more surprises to amaze and delight. Besides the aforementioned, this issues’ artists include Charles Biro, Fred Kida, Bob Powell, Bil Draut, Emil Gershwin and others. 140 pages of crisp, full-story black and white reprints from comics’ Golden Age inside full-color covers. $29.95, standard comic book size and saddle-stitched.

Color: Black and White (with color covers)
Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched
Dimensions: 10″ X 6.50″
Page Count: 140 pages
Retail Price: $29.95

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