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Avengers: Endgame trailer 2 screenshots
Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios surprisingly dropped a second (and probably last) full Avengers: Endgame trailer on Thursday morning, and while a good portion of its two minute-plus running time is flashbacks to previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films (which may be significant in of itself), this latest footage (and companion poster) does reveal some interesting new info.

Let’s walk through some of our most immediate impressions:

Tony’s Back on Earth

That’s him sporting one of those spankin’ new white Avengers uniform/armor/time travel Quantum realm suits (?) beginning at 1:56 doing the slo-mo walk with the rest of the team, including Nebula.

Credit: Marvel Studios

It appears as though the he actually does pull off that ‘one last surprise’ he hoped to spring on Pepper and has returned to Earth alive, almost certainly with Nebula if that’s the case.

That seems to shoot down all the ‘Tony dies’ theories, although you maybe can’t totally throw out that B.A.R.F. digital avatar possibility, but that’s looking very unlikely at this stage.

Speaking of the New Duds

While the footage doesn’t show us Thor and Rocket in the new suits (though they were included in the silhouette slow walk scene in the Super Bowl TV spot, which now seems like a total fakeout), we in fact already noticed the two of them sporting the new uniforms last October.

While leaked toy boxes always has to be treated with some skepticism by the genre press, they have a pretty good track record of in fact being genuine and often previewing relevant information about the films.

Clint’s Family

At about 40 seconds in, Clint is teaching a dark-haired teenage girl archery, and while Kate Bishop certainly will come to mind among us hardcore comic book readers (she’s trending on Twitter!), there are also three other figures in the background, including what appears to be a younger child.

Credit: Marvel Studios

We’re speculating this is a flash-forward to Clint having gotten his family back from the Snap and happily enjoying his retirement on this farm with his wife and three children. With them appearing significantly older since we last saw them in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, this may mean Marvel is going to give us a glimpses into the near future of key characters at the conclusion of Endgame.

Could Kate be Hawkye’s daughter in MCU continuity? We’ll leave that one on the table for now. 

And speaking of families, the boarded-up house of Scott’s family seems to suggest his ex-wife and daughter and/or his ex-wife’s husband are among the Snapped.

Red Widow

At 1:13 we get a total curveball with Black Widow’s hair transitioning back to its original red, after it having been blonde in all her appearances in the previous Endgame footage including twice in the new trailer.

Credit: Marvel Studios

There is a lot at play here, including the fact you can never fully trust Marvel Studios and their digital manipulation of trailers to throw audiences off.

But look at the first re-appearance of the red closer. He hair is not only still blond at the tips, it’s significantly longer than the short bob she sports in other scenes, including the last with Thor and Captain Marvel.

This again suggests that a good amount of time … maybe significant time (months, years?) passes between the conclusion of Infinity War and the final plan to defeat Thanos and reverse the Snap.

Her transition back to red could also serve a second purpose – if the team travels back to the points in past as we all commonly assume, maybe she needs to go back to red to match her hair color in the past?

The Wreckage

Not much else can be gleaned from the trailer, other than Nebula and Ant-Man seemingly being in what’s looks like a smoldering wreckage, perhaps Captain America too. Could this be a time-travel redo of Infinity War’s battle on Titan?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Clint also seems to be on a spacecraft of some kind. But your guess is as good as our’s.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Oh Yeah, the Poster

Finally, there was a couple of bits of interesting info that accompanied the trailer – in the new new poster.

Not only has Dania Gurira’s Okoye graduated to featured character status (though she only appears in flashbacks in trailers so far), but if you look closer some interesting names appear … and don’t appear.

None of the actors who play Snapped characters get a poster credit, and neither does Tessa Thompson, whose status as Valkyrie is unknown although she’s expected to appear.

However, the poster does confirm Benedict Wong (Wong), Jon Favreau (Happy) and Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper) all appear.

But if you’re looking for any brand, spanking new names, you’re out of luck. 

Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters April 26.

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