Queer Historical Fiction Anthology DATES Returns For Third Volume

Credit: Margins Publishing

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DATES is an anthology of queer historical fiction, telling stories of affirmation and acceptance about queer folks throughout time and across the world. Publisher Margins Publishing has previously funded two volumes of DATES through Kickstarter, and the campaign for the third volume (subtitled “ADVENTURE”) is running now.

Credit: Margins Publishing

The campaign for DATES 3, which raised more than a third of its $26,000 goal within nine hours of launch, will last until Thursday, March 28th. Following funding, Margins intends to release the book for general sale in August of 2019.

Each book in the DATES anthology series follows three rules:

1. All the main characters are queer.
2. All the stories take place before 1965.
3. There are no tragic endings.

Credit: Margins Publishing

DATES 3 is 300+ pages long, including 238 pages of comics, 17 full color illustrations, and 3 illustrated short prose stories. Edited by Zora Gilbert and Cat Parra, the stories take place on six continents—sorry, Antarctica—and all feature queer characters taking the reigns as they dash across cities, hop moving trains, and climb enormous mountains. Join a determined grandmother and her curious apprentice as they keep storytelling alive in the the Irish mountains during the Roman invasion (“Y Helyodd Chwedlau,” by A D’Amico), or stand by a young person in 1920s France as they step into Le Monocle for the first time (“Adrien/ne,” by Lany, with illustrations by Beckett Thornber). Or, perhaps, scamper after a young street urchin in turn-of-the-century Russia as she sprints to return a stolen ring to a pretty girl (“Evdokiya & Valentina,” by Alan Capes & Shauntae Ball). And, of course, there’s more—other creators include Sonia Liao (YOU WERE HERE, HELENA ROSE), Isabelle Melançon & Megan Lavey-Heaton (VALOR, NAMESAKE), and G.C. Houle (SCORE!, STARCROSS’D) & Taylor Robin (NEVER SATISFIED), as well as a host of other absurdly talented folks.

The perfect-bound books will also feature a gorgeous wrap-around cover by Erica Chan, cover artist and contributor to the first two volumes. Kickstarter backers can pick up all three volumes, as well as postcard set with illustrations from every continent and a special bonus comic about the ladies from the Dates 1 cover, written by Cat Parra and illustrated by Erica Chan. All the stories in Dates 3 are safe for work, and everything in the book is appropriate for readers ages 10 and up.

For more information about the project—and to get ahold of DATES 3—go to For more previews, check out, or send inquiries to

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