Jesus Christ/Superhero Comedy SECOND COMING Finds a New Publishing Home after DC Exit

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Credit: DC Entertainment

Credit: DC Entertainment

The former DC/Vertigo title Second Coming has found a new publishing home with AHOY Comics, according to the New York Times. Creators Mark Russell and Richard Pace received the rights to the series back from DC, and have signed a deal with AHOY – whose editorial team includes several former DC editors.

Second Coming follows Jesus Christ as he returns to Earth to learn about what it takes to be “the true messiah.” As part of that, the Christian son of God becomes roommates with a superhero known as Sun-Man.

“[Second Coming is respectful to what Christians] profess to believe,” Russell told NYT. “It’s not as respectful as to what they actually do. It’s not a satire of Christ so much as it is a satire on how his followers of the last 2,000 years have turned his message of forgiveness and empathy into one of power and domination, which is as un-Christlike as one can possibly imagine.”

With AHOY Comics, Second Coming will be adding a second artist to draw the scenes set on Earth, while Pace will draw the scenes set in Heaven as well as historical portions. The original DC/Vertigo edition of Second Coming was advertised as an ongoing, but AHOY’s edition is framed as a six-issue series.

Originally announced by DC in 2018, the publisher canceled the series three weeks before its planned March 6 debut. That came after Fox News, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and Christian Headlines all released somewhat negative stories about the upcoming series. An online petition asking DC to cancel the series raised more than 235,000 signatures.

According to NYT, the creators have received death threats as a result of Second Coming.

“I don’t think a comic book is anything to get that upset about,” said AHOY Comics Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer. “I just think it’s a really good story that people have a right to read.”

Second Coming is now intended to debut sometime this summer.

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