Saint Young Men Live Action Episode 1 Streamed For Free!

The live action drama adaptation of Saint Young Man will be streaming exclusively on piccomaTV as of Oct. 18, but the first episode has been released for free on YouTube!

This live action adaptation is directed by Fukuda Yuichi, a live action veteran who has brought countless manga to life. It also stars prominent actors Matsuyama Kenichi and Sometani Shouta as Jesus and Buddha respectively.

Originally created by Nakamura Hikaru, Saint Young Man is a manga serialized in Morning 2 and follows the daily lives of Buddha and Jesus, who share an apartment in Tokyo together.

Aside from its regular broadcasts on Piccoma TV from Oct. 18, fans will be able to catch episodes via Nico Nico and Kyokan Theater. The drama will also get a limited theatrical release through Tachikawa Cinema City and Aeon Cinema.

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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