Top Fate/Grand Order Servants That Fans Want to Cosplay!

With a huge variety of stunning characters to dress up as, smartphone game Fate/Grand Order has become massively popular with cosplayers at major otaku events like Comiket and Wonder Festival. There are bound to be favorites, though, so Anime!Anime! surveyed fans about which Servant they’d like to try cosplaying. Did your preferred Servant make it out of the battle to the top?

Model: @gingareina, Photography: @nuukun89

In 5th place is the classic wizard Merlin, originally hailing from the legend of King Arthur. A Caster-class Servant with the ability of second sight, Merlin guides Altria down the path of King of Britain. Despite his noble role, though, some responders to the survey indicated they chose the character for cuteness and general popularity.

4. Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

Model: @Qooga_13, Photography: @2288335a

The notorious pirate Blackbeard steals into 4th place! Despite his fearsome reputation in other works of fiction, this particular Servant wants to get his hands on the Holy Grail to build a harem – which isn’t really the spirit of the game, but that’s just typical of him. Blackbeard is also a great inspiration for dramatic cosplay photography with commenters citing his cool beard, scars and generally cool appearance as a reason for his popularity,

4. Old Man of the Mountain (King Hassan)

Model: @404_eRro7R, Photography: @chito6L

An assassin of assassins, Old Man of the Mountain mysteriously appears alongside Blackbeard tied in 4th place. Points of praise included his cool demeanor as well as the appeal of being able to wear a mask as reasons for his appeal.

4. King of the Cavern (Edmond Dantès)

Model: @roki_13, Photography: @syunS660, Retouching: @supergravity_11

One of literature’s best known avengers, the Count of Monte Cristo himself, sneaks into another 4th place slot. A master escapologist and long term plotter, Edmond Dantès is admired by countless fans of the series due to his quest for justice against those who have wronged him.

4. Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)

Model: maturi_07, Photography: @shovel_chopper

Famously burned at the stake for heresy, this version of the heroic Jeanne d’Arc’s is now an cold-hearted avenger. A familiar figure for all [ FGO]( fans, she’s also won the approval of cosplayers, which isn’t surprising due to her ultra cool outfit and iconic flag.

3. Hijikata Toshizou

Model: @Hiro_mukkimuki, Photography: @yokou3

Also known as the “Demon Vice-Captain of the Shinsengumi”, Hijikata Toshizou is also a frequent inspiration for cosplayers who are captivated by the history behind his Japanese-style attire, or just admire Hijikata’s take-no-prisoners attitude.

3. Astolfo

Model: @_ayatam_, Photography: @NauClaudia

Tying for 3rd place is one of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne, Astolfo! His androgynous appearance has made him a hit with both male and female cosplayers. Fans cited his cuteness, gender ambiguity, and general love for the character as reasons for his cosplay popularity.

3. Arthur Pendragon (Prototype)

Model: @HakusuiKanata, Photography: Sin

Another Servant who made it into 3rd place, the male version of Saber is obviously a cosplay hit as the origin of one of Fate’s most iconic characters, and later as a character in the prequel novel series Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver. The regal King Arthur himself has captured the hearts of cosplayers all over with respondents raising his regal stature and protective attitudes as reasons for his cosplay appeal.

2. Avicebron

Model/armor: @we_live_now61, Costume: @aliceboy6, Photography: @Eijyu_F

Caster of Black, or Solomon ibn Gabirol, has inspired cosplayers through the challenge of recreating his complex armor as well as for the possibility of wearing a helmet. Donning his armor also means that there’s no need to worry about showing skin or slathering on makeup to match the character.

2. Altria Pendragon

Model: @Natumemae, Photography: @ej_ej_ejj

Also tying for 2nd place is Fate’s main heroine and undoubtedly one of its most iconic characters: Altria Pendragon. Despite her gender, Altria takes on the mantle of King and goes on to rule Britain wisely. A perennial cosplay favorite, Saber’s fierce expression, beauty, and a general love for her actions throughout the franchise also contribute to her popularity as a cosplay choice.

1. Emiya (Archer)

Model: @toufu20, Photography: @NON_DAY_

And the winner is… Emiya (Archer)! Unlike the majority of Servants, he doesn’t possess a historical backstory due to being a an alternate version of Emiya Shirou from the main Fate/stay night entries. Nevertheless, he’s a crucial presence in the Fate franchise and continues to inspire cosplayers who admire him for his coolness and strength.

With a ton of ties in the final results, the competition was fierce! Did your favorite make the list, or are you looking for something a little more unusual?

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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